Winners List


Winners Name


Winners Amount


Delivery Status
Chris Knight $100,000 Pending
Tammy Elberly $100,000 On hold
Vincent Perrone $97,000 Pending
Lisa Hollon Allen $500,000 Delivered
Sally Brown $150,000 Pending
Bouvier Jane June $150,000 Stopped at border
Rilyn Sue Clutter $950,000 Delivered
Laverne D Garfield $300,000 About to deliver
Samuel Villarreal $150,000 Delivered
Rnestine Widener $1,000,000 Pending
Shari Scott Smith $100,000 Delivery in process
Traci Lynette Smith $150, 000 About to deliver
Jessica Lawrence $450,000 Delivered
Robert Martin $150,000 About to deliver
Larry Albrecht $150,000 Pending
Dorothy V. Haynes $150, 000 About to deliver
Lisa Shadley Hites $850,000 Delivered
Roberta Lynn Schlater $150, 000 About to deliver
Evonda Arnett Shirk $5,000,000 Delivered
Gail Gardner-St Fort $150, 000 About to deliver
Shirley Mae Salyer $250,000 Delivery in process
Lynette Denise Mcneil $150,000 Delivery in Process
Jimmie Lee Lightner $700,000 Delivered
Robert (Bob) Panzer $150,000 About to Deliver
Kathy Hines $450,000 Delivered
Bonnie Lafferty Whitaker $350,000 Pending
Folauhola Vea $100,000 About to deliver
Michelle Goins Rose $200,000 Delivered
Vicky Mullins $800,000 Delivered
Cheryl Dyer $600,000 Pending
Tommy G Griffin $150,000 Out for delivery
Kortney Clark $550,000 Delivered
Jim Francis $100,000 Pending
Joe nally $100,000 About to deliver
Jessie Troy Caskie $15,000,000 Delivered
Elizabeth Newcomer $450,000 Delivered
Dawn Sexton Alejandro $150,000 Pending
Linda White $400,000 Delivered
Donna K White $900,000 Pending
Kim Foley $500,000 Delivery in process
Judy Ramsdail McCullough $600,000 Delivered
Sheryl Brandenburg $150,000 Delivered
John Garber $300,000 Pending
Diane Harris $300,000 Delivered
Kay McClure Crain $800,000 Delivered
Susi Sutton Williams $300,000 Delivered
Robert Smith $150,000 Out for delivery
Richard McKnight $500,000 Delivered
Phillip Alexander $300,000 Pending
Lisa Marie Watson $700,000 Delivery in process
Vernon A Williams $300,000 Delivered
Thelma Stockman $450,000 Delivered
Teresa Dwenger Ritchie $100,000 Delivered
Sally Riggs $200,000 Pending
Denni Gruber $120,000 Pending
Kelly Persails $150,000 Pending
Richard Leon Peak ll $100,000 About to Deliver