Business Banking Center

Business Banking Center

Access all your Synovus accounts and online tools or services through one secure, convenient and customizable dashboard. Business Banking Center makes it easy to track accounts and access services to pay vendors, process receivables and review electronic reporting from one central hub. You can view only the panels or services you want to see, and assign roles and permissions so your team members can easily find and use the tools they need to do their jobs.

Get access to the Business Banking Center when you sign up for any online service, including Business Internet Banking, Remote Express Deposit,1 Lockbox Services, Account Protection & Reconciliation, ACH Origination,1 Wire Transfers and many more.

IBM® Security Trusteer Rapport®

Protect your company and its valuable information with Trusteer Rapport®. This free service helps protect your username, password and other sensitive login information from fraudsters. In addition, Trusteer Rapport® can help protect your online communication by stopping malware from tampering with your online access. Business Banking Center users can download Trusteer Rapport® software from IBM® free of cost.

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